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Solar System Cell Phone Charger

Solar System Cell Phone Charger

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Portable, compact, lightweight, durable, good quality

High conversion rate, high efficiency output

Excellent shimmering effect, high light quality, high quality tempered glass

Unique process makes the components beautiful and snow-resistant, easy to use.

Unique technology to avoid water ingress, freezing and deformation in the frame

Adopt high efficiency monocrystalline silicon cell, high conversion rate.

Low attenuation, good reliability and long service life.

Adopts high-quality plastic frame with high strength to ensure a higher degree of wind and storm resistance.

Can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh weather conditions.

Compatible with all cell phone products cell phone USB charging fan camera 5V power charging products


(Charging the device needs solar panel to be exposed to sunlight, no power storage function, if there is no sunlight, it will not be able to charge.)


WPower: 10W (max) (please make sure this is enough to meet your needs)&5W lower version

Output voltage: 5V

Output current: 1200mA

Interface: USB2.0

Size: 145mmX300mm

Color: dark blue

5W lower version:

Size: 15*10*2

Packing list:

1*solar charging board

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