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ZEALOT S56 Bluetooth Speaker

ZEALOT S56 Bluetooth Speaker

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ZEALOT S56 Bluetooth Speaker 40W Output Power Bluetooth Speaker with Excellent Bass Performace IPX6 Waterproof Camping Outdoor

• Excellent Bass Performance :Enjoy powerful and clear bass with the ZEALOT S56 Bluetooth Speaker's excellent bass performance.

• IPX6 Waterproof:Take your music anywhere, even near water, with the ZEALOT S56 Bluetooth Speaker's IPX6 waterproof feature.

• 40W Output Power :Experience high-quality sound with the ZEALOT S56 Bluetooth Speaker's 40W output power.

• 3D Surround Sound Mode :Immerse yourself in a 3D surround sound experience with the ZEALOT S56 Bluetooth Speaker's 3D surround sound mode.

Product Features:

Battery capacity: 8000mAh
Bluetooth version: 5.2
Speaker: 40w
Transmission distance: approximately 10m
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Til Noisesoise Signal: 85dB
Working voltage: 7.4V
Charging voltage: DC5V
Charging interface: type-c
Playback duration: 12H
Charging time: 6h


Long Playtime

S56 has a built-in lithium-ion polymer battery with a long battery life and can play music for 12 hours continuously.

Super small steel cannon

The S56 is equipped with a 57mm full range driver with a total output power of 40W (root mean square), specifically tuned for music, making bass clearer and more transparent.

Product List

* Large battery
* 12 Hours Playtime
* Bluetooth v5.2
* 40W high-power

Portable and Long Battery Life

Party speaker,with strong bass beyond its size,and 12H super long playtime.The long battery life and loud sound effects make it suitable for any indoor&outdoor activities.uses the stronger internal magnetic speakers.It makes the speakers bluetooth wireless with stronger anti-interference ability,and lighter weight,which is used in various high-end speakers.If you are looking for portable speakers,this would be up to your choice.

Dual pairing wireless speaker

Connect 2 speakers together, they would play together at the same time!After the first connection,the subsequent connection of the two speakers bluetooth wireless will be connected automatically by themselves.Different models of Zealot wireless speakers with bluetooth can do dual pairing by each other. However, either of the two wifi bluetooth speakers portable wireless can be sold alone. One party speaker also plays great!

Packing list

1x ZEALOT S56 Bluetooth Speaker
1x charging cable
1x user manual


Zealot Digital Technology Co., Ltd., established in August 2010, is a high-tech enterprise that has been committed to the field of digital products for a long time, integrating R&D,production, sales and service. The company takes market demand as the starting point, seeks innovation, promotes development, and achieves customer needs with the awareness of sincere cooperation and the service concept of improving the quality of life of the public. The products are popular in the digital audio-visual market with their advanced technology, first-class quality, exquisite and fashionable appearance, and considerate after-sales service.


Keeps cutting out when playing
Please ensure the speaker is within the operating range and there
are no obstacles between the speaker and the device

Not able to connect to your device
1. Restart the speaker and try again

Not able to play the music in Micro SD card
1. Please ensure the format of the Micro SD card is FAT32. It only supports FAT32 Micro SD card
2. Please ensure the formats of the music files are APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA or MP3

No sound when playing
1. Please adjust the volume of the speaker
2. Please adjust the volume of your device
3. Please check if the speaker is paused

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