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Non-slip RGB Gaming Pad

Non-slip RGB Gaming Pad

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The Colorful Luminous LED Lighting Mouse Pad Firewatch Forest Non-slip RGB Mousepad is designed to enhance the gaming experience with vibrant RGB lighting and a large desk mat. Here are some features and details about the product:


  1. RGB Lighting: The mouse pad features colorful luminous LED lighting, providing a visually appealing gaming atmosphere. The lighting adds a dynamic element to your gaming setup.
  2. Design: The Firewatch Forest design adds a thematic and aesthetic touch to the pad, creating an immersive gaming environment.
  3. Non-slip Design: The mouse pad is equipped with a non-slip base to ensure stability during intense gaming sessions. This feature prevents the pad from moving around on your desk.
  4. Large Desk Mat: With dimensions of 900x400mm, the pad offers a large surface area, providing enough space for your mouse and keyboard. This is particularly beneficial for gamers who prefer lower sensitivity settings.

Additional Information:

  • Color: RGB lighting with Firewatch Forest design
  • Size: 900x400mm (XL size)
  • Material: The specific material composition (eg, fabric, rubber) may vary based on the product.

This RGB gaming pad not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a stylish and dynamic element to your gaming setup.

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